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Group Dynamix Teaming Tip 6 count

Monday, May 13th, 2013

To have an individual or team work together to a full six count.

When first seen, this gets a lot of ooh’s and aaahh’s, but only if you can pull it off yourself. This is one of those activities you do first and see if they can follow. It is recommended to only show them once. If you can’t do the following, then ask for a volunteer. It makes it more fun anyway.

First, have a volunteer come forward. Instruct the volunteer that you are going to test them on team coordination. The test is simple. First, let them know that his or her right arm will be placed in only two positions – either straight up by the ear or straight down by your waist. The left arm will be in three positions, straight up by their ear, out to the side like an airplane wing or straight down by the side. When instructed he or she will move his or her arms to the corresponding positions on each beat, from one to six.

Left Right
1. Up 1. Up
2. Side 2. Down
3. Down 3. Up
4. Up 4. Down
5. Side 5. Up
6. Down 6. Down

Both the left and the right arms have to move at the same time with each count. As the laughter settles down have everyone try. Once done with practicing, ask for six volunteers to come to the front and demonstrate for everyone.

After everyone has had a turn in practicing, have everyone go back a form teams of six and have them come up with their most creative form of six count.

Make sure that everyone has room enough to move around with arms fully extended.


Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

This unique “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game is played using the feet to form the rock, paper, and scissors.  Two players face each other to play.  They say Muk-Chi-Ba and jump into the air on “Ba!”  If a player lands with his feet together, he has played “Rock”.  If he lands with his feet apart, he has played “Paper”.  If he lands with one foot in front of the other, he has played “Scissors”.  The players can jump as high as possible and wait until the last moment to move their feet into landing position. 

Variation:  When you lose, instead of just being out, you become the cheering committee for whoever has beaten you.  If they lose, then you go with that winner and cheer for them.  This continues until eventually one person has the whole group cheering for them!


Monday, March 1st, 2010

Your group is on a safari in Africa surrounded by animals- you’ve got to clear an escape path to make it back safely to your camp by nightfall. The object of this game is to move your Safari Rover through the exit gate by shifting the animals out of the way.

How you play: Each team is given an over-head photo which maps out the positions of the character game pieces.  Note: Only one participant can occupy a square at a time; however they must stay connected to the other individuals that make up their character. The map determines which characters are used in a game, a list of potential character game pieces are as follows;  three Elephants (one elephant takes up three squares) , two Rhinos (one Rhino takes three squares) , four herds of Impalas (one herd of Impala takes up two squares), two Lions (one Lion takes up two squares), three Lionesses (one Lioness takes up two squares), two Zebras (one Zebra takes up two squares), two Terminate Mounds (one TM takes up two squares) and one Safari Vehicle (one SV takes up two squares).Movements: All pieces can move forward and backwards except three pieces. The two termite mounts and the safari vehicle can travel up, down, right and left. 

safaricardfront4Set up: You will need to create a 7 square by 7 square grid to play on, in which only one participant can occupy a block at a time.  Each participant must stay connected at all times to the other individuals that make up their character game piece. The grid map attached tells you which game pieces will be used and how many participants make up a particular game piece. Example an Elephant is made up of three people, a Safari vehicle is made up of three etc. More complicated maps can be provided upon request. Just email us at Subject- Teaming Tip: Safari game.


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