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Group Dynamix produces extraordinarily fun events for youth, corporations and organizations at the largest indoor team building center in the U.S., and at client locations everywhere.

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Four critical ingredients for holiday office parties

Monday, September 17th, 2012
Fun company outing

Fun for adults

What will you do to add value to your events this year? With the holiday season just around the corner special event planners’ stress levels begin to elevate as they begin to plan their yearly holiday office parties. Have you put together an event that you thought had all the components necessary to be successful only to find out it fell short in the eyes of the attendees? Why do so many events rarely hit the mark, and what are the key ingredients that might be missing from your events?

Whether you are an internal or external event planner, you need to provide exciting, engaging and successful events for your “groups.” When you do this, they will be satisfied, have fun and want to do it again. Having put together our fair share of successful company outings, here are four key ingredients that we at Group Dynamix feel are critical in order to conduct an appealing event:

Ingredient #1- Participation. Although bowling/bar events can be fun, they fail to engage the whole team. Events that encourage and provide a context for 100% participation are more successful.

Ingredient #2- Facilitation. Events that are facilitated and orchestrated to bring about a positive outcomes are going to have a longer lasting positive impact on your companies team.

Ingredient #3- Connectedness. Every individual wants to be part of something greater than themselves and do not want to feel like they are on an island. Relationships are critical to individuals. Interactive events provide a powerful context for individuals to connect through strategically planned activities.

Ingredient #4- Fun. At the end of the day if the group does not have fun, they will be far more skeptical of any future outings. This is the main ingredient to every successful event.

Challenge and outcomes: Understanding interactive events can help you provide powerful and successful events for your groups. By allowing them to succeed, you will succeed. You will provide an exciting venue that compels them to come back for more.

Motivation to Innovate- Five ways to keep yours up

Friday, March 16th, 2012

The other day CBS’s 60 Minutes ran an inspiring story about a man’s innovation that was literally born in the closet of his house. That man’s name is Sal Khan, and his innovation is called Khan Academy. According to CBS, Khan Academies goal is to “revolutionize how we teach and learn” by providing  free online educational videos for classrooms and for those who can access the Internet.  Video of Sal’s Story

The Washinton Post wrote a follow up article and commented on what Google chairman Eric Schmidt told 60 minutes about Khan academy:

“’Innovation never comes from the established institutions. It’s always a graduate student or a crazy person or somebody with a great vision.’ He’s right, of course. Think for a moment of all the industries that have been disrupted by outsiders. Netflix founder Reed Hastings knew how to write code but was an outsider to the world of film. Steve Jobs was known primarily for his beautiful design of computer hardware before he upended the music industry. The list goes on. (Read Full Article)

Not sure if we fall into the category of crazy person or someone with great vision, but the Khan story reminds us of our story here at Group Dynamix. Group Dynamix evolved from the construction of a small indoor ropes course at the Dallas Fun & Fitness Center in 1995. Today Group Dynamix’s facility is 17,600 sq. ft. making it the largest team development center of its kind in the nation. Having worked with over 300,000 people since we started, our goal has been simple, “to connect people in fun ways.”(Read more about our story)

Like all innovations, our grand vision faced many difficulties ranging from fear of leaving a predictable, though unfulfilling,  work environment to determining how to fund a vision while still providing for one’s family. Many times these difficulties lead to the death of an innovation, so how does an innovator continue to pursue their innovations in the face of profound challenges? We would like to share five ways innovators can keep their motivation up and overcome the trials they’re certain to face.

Be passionate: A 100% believer in your product and company. Tell your story, live your story every day.

Be Reflective: When you run into a wall, step back and remember what inspired you to get started in the first place and remind yourself how good it’s going to feel when your work is done.

Be a Flexible: Be a risk taker but manage it in ways that give you the most options to succeed. If you aren’t flexible, can’t change your vision when required, miss opportunity because of hubris, you minimize your potential for success.

Be Commemorative: As you are building something, take time to celebrate each stage, every step forward, every discovery realized, each success earned. Innovation is an exciting adventure.

Be Observant: Watch your competition, others in your industry, who is getting your business and why?



Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

This unique “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game is played using the feet to form the rock, paper, and scissors.  Two players face each other to play.  They say Muk-Chi-Ba and jump into the air on “Ba!”  If a player lands with his feet together, he has played “Rock”.  If he lands with his feet apart, he has played “Paper”.  If he lands with one foot in front of the other, he has played “Scissors”.  The players can jump as high as possible and wait until the last moment to move their feet into landing position. 

Variation:  When you lose, instead of just being out, you become the cheering committee for whoever has beaten you.  If they lose, then you go with that winner and cheer for them.  This continues until eventually one person has the whole group cheering for them!

I need buns tag

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

How you play?
Start the game with a leader choosing someone to be “It”. The “It” in this game are the “Hot Dog Makers.” If an “IT” tags another player during this game, the tagged player will lie down on his/her back and begin to yell, “I need buns!” This player can be save by two other free players sliding in next to the tagged player and all three need to sing the first verse of the Oscar Meyer Song. “Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Winner – that is what I’d really like to be – FREE!” On the word FREE, all three players can stand-up as free players and continue the game. If an “IT” is close-by, the players are safe as long as they are down and singing. Play for a few minutes and then applaud the “It’s” for keeping the group moving and then select other “Hot Dog Makers” to play again.

Group Dynamix Charity Events

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

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